The Super Affiliate System: Is John Crestani’s Course Legitimate?

Have you heard that some people are making a fortune selling affiliate programs? Do you want to learn more about how affiliate marketing can help you become wealthy?

John Crestani is an Affiliate Industry Expert who can show you how to profit from their Super Affiliate System. Please continue reading for more details.

The Super Affiliate System

The John Crestani Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is a course that is primarily taught through a combination of recorded content, webinars, and interaction with other people who have completed the course in the Super Affiliate System training area.

It’s a comprehensive 6-week training program that will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer. There are more than 50 hours of content, weekly quizzes, and daily homework.

There’s a step-by-step process that will provide you with all of the information you require to start and grow your online business.

There is a lot to learn here if you are willing and able to devote enough time to study the course thoroughly for 6 weeks.

I liked how John Crestani made it clear that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and that becoming a successful affiliate seller requires a lot of study and effort.

He’s also realistic when it comes to determining an advertising budget and explains the other costs of becoming an affiliate seller. For a course of this nature, this straightforward explanation is refreshing.

Who is John Crestani?

The Super Affiliate System and other versions of the course, such as Internet Jetset, were created by John Crestani. It is well-known in its field and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Business Insider.

John Crestani

He has had a lot of success building an affiliate marketing network that has allowed him to live an enviable life of luxury travel.

Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam?

There is no evidence that the super affiliate program is a sham. John Crestani has been featured in a number of reputable publications, including Forbes, and has received positive feedback.

I liked how the importance of properly studying the program and working hard is clearly explained, and I believe this is a comprehensive course that covers everything it claims to. What you put in will yield results.

Pros and cons of the John Crestani Super Affiliate System

While reviewing this course, I noticed several benefits and drawbacks, and I’d like to discuss a few of them with you. The professionals are first and foremost.


  • With over 182,000 subscribers, John Crestani has an impressive YouTube channel. Several free videos provide an overview of the courses available. He provides a wealth of money-making advice and is occasionally available to answer questions. It appears to have a large number of subscribers.
  • The templates included in the course are very impressive. You will save a lot of time. Creating sales funnel templates is incredibly time consuming, so it’s a key strength of this program.
  • The  super affiliate system is sold through Clickbank, a legitimate affiliate network. It’s a credible program with lots of good reviews online.
  • Weekly live webinars will be held here where you can ask questions and receive feedback on any issues you may be facing. John Crestani is also a big believer in cultivating a “millionaire mindset,” which he emphasizes in many of his talks. He is a motivational speaker, and I appreciated his words of encouragement.
  • There’s a bonus package available that includes a 40-hour course on increasing website traffic, two pre-built niche healthcare campaigns, and $ 895 in effective advertising credits for only $ 75. These are all useful and make it simple to start your affiliate business; these are some pretty impressive benefits to the Super Affiliate system, but let’s look at some of the drawbacks for balance’s sake.


  • Some of the upsells associated with this information product may be a problem for some people. However, I found them to be reasonably priced and extremely useful. I didn’t think they were overly pushy or aggressive in their marketing.
  • In my opinion, the search engine optimization (SEO) training and how to rank your website in search engine results could have been more comprehensive. To be fair, John is more concerned with paid advertisements, but SEO is becoming increasingly important as part of any online marketing strategy. This is an area of the course where I believe he could do better.
  • The super affiliate system isn’t overpriced, but it can be expensive, especially for those who are just getting started in the industry. There is also no free trial available right now. I would suggest that you look for any promotions that might allow you to extend your payment terms.
    We saw that this program has a lot of benefits and drawbacks. So let’s take a look at some other crucial components.

Course Pricing

The full price of this course is $ 4,985, but there is a promotion going on right now that will bring it down to just $ 997.

The course is pretty comprehensive in my opinion, with over 50 hours of video content and a great support structure.

When you consider this, as well as the 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked, there is little risk in taking this course, and it’s good business.

More opinions about the Super Affiliate System course

When I’m reviewing a new course, I like to see what other people have to say about it. To get a sense of what other people think, I frequently consult other review sites, Facebook groups, and online message boards.

In this case, I discovered that too many people were promoting alternative courses, distorting the perception of the super affiliate program.

I’ve had better luck on Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube, where I’ve received more direct and candid feedback:

People had nothing but positive things to say about John Crestani, and there were numerous accounts of people who had had great success with his courses. This YouTube video is one of my favorites because it gives you a good overview of the course:

My personal experience with John Crestani

This course had a lot of positive aspects in my opinion. I enjoyed John Cresani’s presentation style and felt like I was learning something new.

I liked his YouTube channel, which has a number of free videos that a potential buyer of this information product can watch to get a sense of the product’s style and content.

Overall, I liked John and thought he was genuinely trying to share his knowledge and was very knowledgeable about the industry. It is critical for this course that he be available for weekly question and answer sessions.


I’ve decided that the Super Affiliate System is one of the best educational information products for affiliate marketers.

Although there are a few areas where it could be better, such as B. SEO training, it is a comprehensive course with excellent support.

This course can help you learn a lot whether you’re a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer.

I have no reservations in recommending John Crestani’s product because he is an effective motivator and trainer. It’s one of the best options available.